Hookah is the enemy of your normal and oral well being

Sofia Sanober

Hookah also referred to as water pipe, Argileh, Shisha, Hubble Bubble, Goza has an extended versatile tube that attracts the smoke by water contained in a bowl.

Hookah use was first seen in western world. Today it has develop into extra seen in India. It’s also present in Iran, Turkey and the Arab world. The usage of hookah is an rising pattern in Indian inhabitants particularly. The youth right here is seen getting hooked to it greater than the older era.

Its use is much less dangerous than cigarettes. The supply of interesting flavors are thought-about among the many major causes for this rising pattern. However the customers nevertheless are uncovered to lots of the poisonous compounds, by-products as cigarette customers. Its excessive use may result in extra extreme adverse well being results. In info hookah customers are at larger dangers of infections, cancers, lung illnesses and different medical circumstances. Furthermore, due to the overlapping toxicant and chemical profile to traditional cigarettes hookah results on cardiovascular system and oral well being are larger.

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Causes of use

Many components appear promote Hookah unfold. They embody use of flavored fragrant tobacco curiosity, peer strain, trend, larger socioeconomic standing and the yearning for amusement. One issue that drastically contributed to the elevated hookah use is the misperception concerning the well being dangers. Majority of customers consider within the no or much less hurt of hookah in comparison with cigarettes. This specific consider could possibly be related with the parable of intermittent use of hookah that reduces hurt in comparison with fixed use of cigarettes. The passage of smoke by water would filter it and the much less addictive nature of hookah. Some customers argue that they don’t inhale the smoke subsequently defend themselves from nicotine. Nonetheless they’re unaware that nicotine could possibly be simply absorbed by mucosal lining or oral cavity. The behavior has gained constructive attributes since it’s used for socializing, stress-free and the great style and odor of the smoke.

Cigarettes or hookah smoking in addition to alcohol consumption and abuse are thought-about to be the most typical etiological components for the onset of oral cavity illnesses resembling modifications within the lip shade, tongue, stomatopyroses, glossopyrosis and candidasis.

Above all you will need to observe that this isn’t a innocent behavior. Quite a few research level to the dangerous nature of smoking the hookah in addition to resulting in modifications usually well being. It additionally results in modifications to mucosa and oral most cancers, esophageal most cancers and dry socket.

The Hookah smoking results in:

  • Elevated danger of lung and abdomen most cancers
  • Lowered lung perform
  • Elevated danger of stroke and coronary heart illness
  • Decreased fertility in each women and men


Hookahs are wrongly perceived as a more healthy different however that is merely not true. Whereas a cigarette takes sometimes 5 to 7 minutes or 40 to 70 puffs to smoke, a Hookah might final an hour and half or about 50 to 200 puffs. A typical hookah session is about 90,000 milliliters in comparison with that of 600 milliliters inhaled whereas smoking a cigarette. The tobacco in water pipes can be uncovered to excessive warmth from burning charcoal and the smoke is discovered to be not less than as poisonous as cigarette smoke.

Oral well being dangers

1) Any tobacco consumption together with smoking Hookah decreases the manufacturing of saliva which is the mouths pure cleanser. A dry mouth makes you extra inclined to cavities and excessive danger of tooth decay.
2) Smoking of any sort causes dangerous breath. Though the odor of the tobacco is good as soon as it’s processed by water and into your mouth it stinks simply the identical. The extra Tobacco consumption the more severe the breath will probably be.

Smoking Hookah constantly is extremely dangerous in your oral well being. So, the recommendation is to not smoke Hookah. If you’re already discovering among the results of the Hookah smoking, seek the advice of your physician, ideally a dentist instantly.

Dr Syeda Sofia Sanober is a younger Hyderabad-based dental surgeon with the eagerness to unfold information about oral and dental well being among the many normal public.

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