108 Office Memes For Everybody Struggling With The 40-Hour Work Week

The paradox of getting a steady job is how a lot of a blessing and a curse it could be. Fairly like a poisonous relationship, you’re feeling trapped in it however you’d be far worse off with out it.

What occurs there may be identified to all: annoying colleagues, burnouts, reheated lunches, ruined Sundays and even worse Mondays, and that very temporary sense of freedom that offers you false hope daily, Monday to Friday, at 5pm sharp. And no matter what number of instances we might rebinge The Workplace, going to work IRL lacks that pleasure. There’s no Dwight in sight, not even Toby. The truth is, there could also be Toby in the actual office however that doesn’t add a lot enjoyable total, if any.

So immediately, we rolled up a number of the most relatable and painfully correct office memes to carry up everybody’s spirits. Ultimately, nothing helps as a lot as having an excellent snicker, so all you office-bound misplaced souls with again issues, have an excellent one.


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Written by VK Team


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